Kenny Knots – Give I Power

This legendary tune voiced by Kenny Knots and produced by Bush Chemists was released in 2006 on 10” vinyl by Seek Jah First. It was also featured in 2011 on the Bush Chemists Singles collection #11. Kenny Knots has been a stable at the UK dubscene since 2003 with many releases with different produces, such as Mungo’s Hifi and the Dubateers.



Demgone – Joka Maataan Viljelee Dub

Demgone is an upcoming dub/steppas producer hailing out of Helsinki, Finland. He has some drum and bass releases out on Cyclone and Rogue Beatz and is now coming in hard with hes dark and bassheavy dubs. This tune is sampling the violin melody and chorus from a rootikal finnish 7” release from 2005, Jukka Poika & Jenkkarekka – Joka Maataan Viljelee. Merging the samples with the hard hitting bass and rolling riddim, this one turns the originals delicate gospel vibe to a banging sound system tune.

Demgone Soundcloud

Demgone FB


Dubkasm feat. Lidj Xylon – Heartical Stories (Extended Mix feat. Ras B)

Dubkasm just released their new EP, entitled “Untold Stories” on Peng Sound Records. All the tunes are massive as usual when it comes to Dubkasm and the record features Dub Judah, Ras B and Tes Fa Syon as co-musicians. The story behind the record is really interesting and the vocal reels of the tunes date back to the 90’s, when Ras Natural linked Stryda and Digistep together with Lidj Xylon. Read the whole story from Tape Echo.

Dubkasm FB


Kibir La Amlak – Amlak Yimesgen + Dub

Produced by the operator and studiohead of the Kibir La Amlak Sound System, Jamie Thomas aka JT, Amlak Yimesgen is a soothing stepper tune released on 7” vinyl in 2011. With melodica on the lead and acoustic drumming backing the riddim, this is a perfect tune to shake off the heavy thoughts of the week and start the weekend with a light step in your walk.

Kibir La Amlak

Kibir La Amlak FB


Michael Rose – Born Free + Yabby You Dubcuts

In this heavy roots tune produced by “The Mighty Fatman” Roger Lewis for Jammy’s in 1979, Michael Rose provides the lead as Black Uhuru holds the back harmony. Vivian Jacksons aka Yabby You’s dubplate cuts keep the same rootical mood as the riddim rides on the bottom while Yabby You himself provides the vocals and the chanting.

Big up for the Midnight Raver blog for uploading these!


Wolete Seyon – Anywhere I Go + Jonah Dan – Rastafari Before I Dubwise

Riding on the relick of Augustus Pablos “No Entry” riddim, Wolete Seyons uplifting lyrics and powerful voice makes this release one of the best in recent years. Just a beautiful piece of rootical steppers for those cloudy days.

“So when I walk, I walk with pride,

Selassie protection far and wide.

Rastafari, never let me down, never let me frown.

Rastafari, never make me sad, always make me glad to know him.

Though I walk trough the shadow of death,

I will fear no evil, I will never fret,

anywhere I go, Rastafari is with me.”