A pilgrimage to dub – King Shiloh Weekender

Inna Dub Style went on a pilgrimage to Amsterdam to see and feel the massive vibe induced by the mighty King Shiloh Soundsystem. And what a vibe it was, truly something to never forget!

King Shiloh Weekender @ Q-Factory, Amsterdam 18-20.12.2016 w/ Ranking Joe, King Earthquake, Aba Shanti I & guests.



FRWRD#6 – Dub Smugglers, Dextrous, Dreadlock Tales on Ivah Sound


Yes massive, it’s time for another FRWRD session hosted by the mighty Ivah Sound. This time the venue is Teatteri Forum in Helsinki. Previous sessions have always been very deeply memorable, and I’m sure this one will be the best ever. Here’s some footage from the previous FRWRD-session with Riddim Tuffa pon the controls. More info on fb –> do check it!



Riddim Tuffa – 100% Production mix, FREE DL

Riddim Tuffa’s studio production is heavily influenced by the 1980′s digital style. By combining the use of vintage, analogue equipment and modern recording techniques, the crew produce an extremely fresh sound that holds on to the roots of dancehall music. – Riddim Tuffa

Riddim Tuffa is coming to town (Helsinki) in a couple of weeks to make the Ivah Sound scoops do some of that boomshackalacka that they’re known to be very good at. Check out the event on fb.

FRWRD Ivah Sound