Blazing Melodicas! – Free dl

Found a cool free melodica-dub compilation that features the likes of Don Fe, Chazbo, Dubiteran, Ilodica and many more… Foundation style vibes! Download yours from here.

Blazing Melodicas is a new releases from the dub community dubvibrations fully dedicated to the wonderfull instrument that is melodica. Still in a style rather roots, this compilation presents again an outernational distribution inna pure dubwise style. Release compiled by El Bib – final mastering by Don Fe at Don Fe Studios (Murcia, Spain). – source


DubRaJah – Enkang (free dl!)

Found this nice ethno/afro-influenced EP by Russian DubRaJah from the internets by first stumbling upon the Dub-O-Phonic Netlabel. My favourite track is Zanzibar Dub which features no other than the Mad Professor. Download your very own digital copy from Bandcamp.

«DubRaJah» is a project of Sergey Gabbasov, a Russian anthropologist and ethnomusicologist, specialized in the peoples of East Africa and Indonesia and student of “Dhow Countries Music Academy” (Zanzibar, Tanzania). He has made many ethnographical expeditions in different parts of Africa, Asia and Europe, produced several films about indigenous peoples and studied their native music. This is his first release on Dubophonic.

“Enkang” means “homestead” in Maasai language. Maasai is one of the very few tribes who have retained most of their traditions, lifestyle and lore. “Enkang” is also the name of DubRaJah’s EP, which was recorded in the period from Autumn 2013 till Summer/Autumn 2014 in Arusha (Tanzania), Stone Town (Zanzibar, Tanzania), Wete (Pemba, Tanzania) and Moscow (Russia). DubRaJah fuses a deep digital dub style with traditional African melodies and chants from the people of Maasai, Datooga, Hadza, Pemba and Zanzibar, incorporating also samples of Mad Professor on “Eyasi Dub” and “Zanzibar Dub”. Each track has is own magic, from the ritual chants in “Laibon” to the mystical beauty of the “Ngezi” forest, cleansing the body, the mind and the soul. – source 


JahYu – Lineage of the Sun (FREE DL!)

A massive album by JahYu (fb, soundcloud)! An excellent blend of oriental vibes, big stepper riddims and just brutal whompathumpawubwub bass. Available for free download via Steppas!

JahYu: the Korean word for ‘freedom’, this is an artist whose music is rooted in the notion of freedom, freedom of sound, freedom of expression, freedom from mind and freedom of the soul. JahYu uses his creative freedom to connect directly with his ancestors and create music that somehow transports the listener through time and space. Oriental flute and string melodies slide effortlessly amongst powerful roots-based dubstep, creating a sound that is unique and full of flavour. This Korean-German producer blends both sides of his heritage, the digital steppers that emerged from Europe in the 1990’s alongside the traditional oriental music of his mother’s homeland, Korea, augmented by a deeper exploration of contemporary bass music. – JahYu-fb


Dubkasm – Horn Salute & Heartical dub

Dubkasm, the prolific UK-roots & dub duo made up of DJ Stryda and Ben Digistep have been mashing up the place since 1994.

Dubkasm is one of the key components in the international roots and dub movement, originally formed in 1994 during the emergence period of the UK ‘digital dub’ sound. Their work first appeared  two years later on the complilation album ‘Dub Out West’ (Nubian Records NRLP15). Branching into new musical realms, their 2009 Transform I set went on to be reinvented by Bristol’s finest Dubstep producers, featuring remixes by Pinch, Peverelist, Appleblim & Gatekeeper, Headhunter, Guido, Gemmy, RSD, Hyetal, Forsaken and Jakes. They continue to release material and play live across the globe.

Sufferah’s Choice Recordings is an independent record label based in the iconic town of Bristol, UK. Named after DJ Stryda’s renowned Bristol radio show, it has been a vehicle for Dubkasm’s music since 2003 and is known for its authentic yet innovative sounds and philosophy.

Dubkasm’s first release on Sufferah’s Choice in 2003 was a 12 inch featuring ‘Hornsman Trod’ and ‘Strictly Ital’, two UK roots instrumentals with the latter featuring Bristol’s own Ras Addis. Since then they have collaborated with many of the UK’s greats including cult legends such as Aba Shanti-I, Iration Steppas, Levi Roots and Dub Judah. Their debut album ‘Transform I’ saw the duo incorporate Brazilian instrumentation and vocals, the result of many years work carried out between the musical hubs of their hometown Bristol and Brazil, where Digistep lived for five years. –

This rootical B-side features majestic horns and Blood Shanti on the drum chair. This reminds me of a track by a finnish band Roots Cultivation, that will be coming up next if I find it.

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