Pablo RasteR – Art of Dub

Inna Dub Style had a pleasant surprise waiting in the mailbox (that’s dubit at innadubstyle dot com, send me your tunes!) a couple of days ago. Italian dub producer Pablo RasteR had sent in his debut solo album Art of Dub. It’s packed with tuff dub tunes and features top international singers and instrumentalists like Dan I, Barry Isaacs, Violinbwoy and Sandro Paradisi. Pablo RasteR’s riddims are massive heavy and raw militant (italo-)UK Dub Stepper tunes that are built for Soundsystem.


Art of Dub is heavy from the very start; when I started with the first track Word, Sound & Power with a man like Dan I on the vocals, I knew after the first 20s that this album is going to be good. When the kick and bass come in, it’s time for some serious headbangin’ and dub meditation. The album continues it’s journey of dub with groundshaking monotonous UK dub-style basslines on top of militant drums with very nice reverbed rimshots, minimal percs and a hint of arpeggiated synth-psychedelia (maybe even a hint too much?) now and then. The featuring artists bring in their own twist with conscious lyrics and superb instrumental performances. Inna Dub Style’s favourite tracks have to be Word, Sound & Power (ft. Dan I), the title track Art of Dub (ft. Sandro Paradisi) and Battle of Megiddo (ft. Violinbwoy), the last track is a violin version of the opening track. Can’t wait to hear these tunes on a serious soundsystem. This is a good album, and I’m sure many bass-lovers will agree with this.


Here’s a short album trailer which will give a good overview of the album, check it out –>

Here’s what the press release says:

“Pablo RasteR is a producer, singer and musician, he produced dozens of albums and has performed more than 800 concerts in Italy and in Europe. He worked with artists like Madaski (Africa Unite, Dub Sync), Zion Train, Vlastur, Dziga, Ricc Frost, Kg Man and Kasia Malenda. Art of Dub is his first solo album as a producer, featuring international artists like Dan I (Imperial Sound Army), Barry Isaacs, MrDill Lion Warriah, Sandro Paradisi, Natty Sly, Valentina Benaglia, Violinbwoy.

The cover of the album was made by Michael “Freestylee” Thompson, Jamaican artist of international fame. Eleven tracks of pure dub, where the artist presents his personal vision of this music and its unique characteristics.
Published by Elastica Records, available on all major digital stores and on .”

Enjoy the full album on Bandcamp, and please do support the artist by buying the album if you like it.


Strictly Dubwise: Heavy Duty Instrumental – mix by Spud Roots

Strictly Dubwise: Heavy Duty Instrumental Steppas ina UK Dub Sound System Style by Spud Roots on Mixcloud

Strictly Dubwise, no compromise!! Strictly instrumental UK dub steppas session using tracks produced from the 2000s (Bush Chemists ‘Dub Healing’ track being the only exception) in a sound system style with dub siren fx. Heavy weight bass warning. Watch out!

Another heavyweight vinyl selection by Spud Roots. Turn the volume up to 11 and start skankin’!


Bredrin Records – Mix 2015 (free dl!)

Bredrin Records is a young french record label, founded by EK and Benjahman. From roots reggae to dub, our aim is to gather different musical inspirations to create and produce an original and powerful music. This independent label would be open to other people willing to make tangible music. – source

Big tunes in this production mix by french Bredrin Records. Check them out on soundcloud and facebook too.


Peter Broggs – Love In A Higher Region

Blessed New Year to all! This year let’s take love to a higher region! High powered steppa tune produced by Dubcreator and voiced by Peter Broggs. Released on King Shiloh Majestic Music in 2005, album titled Igzabihir Yakal and all profits of this project go to Peter and his family to help with medical bills. Grab a copy of this if you can, it’s packed with bomb tunes and dubs!

Let’s take Love ina higher region

Let’s take Love ina higher dimension