Salammusik – The way you fly (Jangan Nangis) Mystic Pulse Remix

Inna Dub Style received some email concerning this release. Mystic Pulse (fb / soundcloud), a Rotterdam-based producer sent in his new remix of Salammusik – The Way You Fly. Do check it out, it’s a good one! Here’s the release info:

A hypnotic synth pattern drags you into the song while Salam’s vocal fades in from the background. A steady kick combined with deep sub bass and sharp high hats make you move. Rhythmic echos repeat the theme of the song; the way you fly. The breakdown kicks in as TIP spits conscious lyrics on a hip-hop based drum beat. It continues with a sweet saxophone solo that guides you through the second part of the song, where Salam’s authentic Malaysian style comes through.

This remix gives a whole new definition to the original song ‘Jangan Nangis” which previously appeared on Salammusik’s album “O” in 2013. Combing acoustic instruments and electronic glitches, Mystic Pulse has created a unique blend between the Malaysian reggae sound and digital steppers dub.

Get yours on iTunes or Juno.