Dubkasm – Horn Salute & Heartical dub

Dubkasm, the prolific UK-roots & dub duo made up of DJ Stryda and Ben Digistep have been mashing up the place since 1994.

Dubkasm is one of the key components in the international roots and dub movement, originally formed in 1994 during the emergence period of the UK ‘digital dub’ sound. Their work first appeared  two years later on the complilation album ‘Dub Out West’ (Nubian Records NRLP15). Branching into new musical realms, their 2009 Transform I set went on to be reinvented by Bristol’s finest Dubstep producers, featuring remixes by Pinch, Peverelist, Appleblim & Gatekeeper, Headhunter, Guido, Gemmy, RSD, Hyetal, Forsaken and Jakes. They continue to release material and play live across the globe.

Sufferah’s Choice Recordings is an independent record label based in the iconic town of Bristol, UK. Named after DJ Stryda’s renowned Bristol radio show, it has been a vehicle for Dubkasm’s music since 2003 and is known for its authentic yet innovative sounds and philosophy.

Dubkasm’s first release on Sufferah’s Choice in 2003 was a 12 inch featuring ‘Hornsman Trod’ and ‘Strictly Ital’, two UK roots instrumentals with the latter featuring Bristol’s own Ras Addis. Since then they have collaborated with many of the UK’s greats including cult legends such as Aba Shanti-I, Iration Steppas, Levi Roots and Dub Judah. Their debut album ‘Transform I’ saw the duo incorporate Brazilian instrumentation and vocals, the result of many years work carried out between the musical hubs of their hometown Bristol and Brazil, where Digistep lived for five years. –

This rootical B-side features majestic horns and Blood Shanti on the drum chair. This reminds me of a track by a finnish band Roots Cultivation, that will be coming up next if I find it.

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Roots Mix – Warrior Style by PapaB_onlyjoe

Warrior Style by Papab_Onlyjoe on Mixcloud

A nice and heavy roots mix featuring names like Johnny Osbourne, Jah Shaka, Riddim Tuffa, Mungo’s Hi-Fi… by PapaB_onlyjoe. This one stars with some laid back roots, continues onto some wicked Kunta Kinte riddim and ends up heavily steppin’. Enjoy!


DJ Rootbwoy – Dub Secret Vol. 3: Return Of The Stepper

DJ Rootbwoy’s (Romania) rootikal and serious stepper mix featuring great, heavy dub artists like The Blackstarliners, O.B.F, Dougie Conscious, JahYu and many more! Uplifting vibes for all!


Dubkasm feat. Lidj Xylon – Heartical Stories (Extended Mix feat. Ras B)

Dubkasm just released their new EP, entitled “Untold Stories” on Peng Sound Records. All the tunes are massive as usual when it comes to Dubkasm and the record features Dub Judah, Ras B and Tes Fa Syon as co-musicians. The story behind the record is really interesting and the vocal reels of the tunes date back to the 90’s, when Ras Natural linked Stryda and Digistep together with Lidj Xylon. Read the whole story from Tape Echo.

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