Banker texted fake heiress Anna Sorokin as she tried to secure a $ 22 million loan


A married banker assigned to a multi-million dollar loan for fake heiress Anna Sorokin did not give him a line of credit – but he allegedly gave her pickup lines.

The lawyer for the accused scammer said in court during his fraud trial on Monday that an employee of private equity fund Fortress sent him steamy texts after the 28-year-old tried to obtain a $ 22 million loan from the company.

Dennis Onabajo would have thought she was a German offshoot worth € 60million.

“I force myself not to kiss you because you are so incredibly beautiful,” Onabajo sent him on March 11, 2017, a month after Fortress rejected his loan application, which he was tasked with verifying, according to the Sorokin Defense Team.

After a meeting at Sorokin’s luxury boutique hotel, 11 Howard, where she was living at the time, Onabajo sent a daring text, “Let me go upstairs and say goodbye.”

Sorokin – who is accused of lying to get the loan – refused.

In total, Onabajo sent him 158 text messages.

Jurors heard of the affectionate exchange in defense lawyer Todd Spodek’s opening statement last week. But they returned on Monday when the lawyer asked the judge to let him question Onabajo boss Spencer Garfield in detail about the messages.

Garfield said he was unaware of the communications and that Judge Diane Kiesel would not let Spodek pursue the matter.

Onabajo left Fortress for another financial firm two months after allegedly expressing a love interest in Sorokin. He could not be reached for comment.

Garfield said a partner at the law firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher introduced him to Sorokin, who wanted a loan to start an art club in Manhattan for the city’s elite.

But after Sorokin failed to provide proof of his fortune, Garfield closed his candidacy in February 2017.

Spodek had argued that Sorokin couldn’t be guilty of attempted robbery for trying to get the loan because she was never close to getting it.

Prosecutors say Sorokin’s scams involve inviting a friend on an all-expenses-paid trip to Morocco and then sticking the $ 62,000 bill on him.

She faces charges of robbery, attempted robbery and theft of services for which she faces up to 15 years at the highest point.

Sorokin had no wardrobe issues on Monday, as she showed up in a black designer outfit that was prepped for her by the Sylist she got for her trial.

His hearing was delayed on Friday and we were also forced to wear prison clothes as his fancy outfits had not arrived in a condition that suited him.


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