Confused About Reading A Credit Card Bill? Debt Loans



  1. Personal data

    Personal data

  2. This section is located at the top, here you can see personal data in the form and name and billing address of the card owner, as well as the card number.
  3. Billing Date and Due Date

    Billing Date and Due Date Billing date is the date that shows the start of the billing period for the month. The due date shows the bill payment limit, usually 20 days from the date the bill was issued. Usually banks will advise you to pay bills 2 or 3 days before the due date to avoid delays.

  4. Minimum Bill and Minimum Payment

    Minimum Bill and Minimum Payment

  5. To make it easier for you to see the total bills this month, you can simply immediately see the total bill at the top. In addition, you can also see information in the form of minimum payment or minimum payment . Minimum payment or minimum payment is one type of payment that you can make if you don’t have enough money to pay the bill. You must pay the nominal before the due date. The minimum or minimum payment payment nominal must be paid before the due date. If you don’t pay a penny, then you will be charged a late fee for billing the following month. Usually the minimum payment or minimum payment is charged at 10% of the total bill. Although it sounds interesting, there are actually advantages and disadvantages if you continue to pay credit card bills with minimum or minimum payment . Of course you only stockpile debt and it takes years to pay it off. Too bad, right?
  6. Credit Quality

     This shows the smoothness and collectability of your credit. If you always pay bills regularly and fully every month, it is likely to get a smooth status. There are usually 5 types of credit quality: smooth, special attention, substandard, doubtful and loss. When your credit quality bill is already stuck, this is a sign that it will be more difficult to apply for a loan. The only step to get out is to pay off the arrears.

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