Employee wellness programs: Covid-19 and stock-based compensation


The key to long-term success in a pandemic, and especially during quarantine, is learning to work with each other. Companies are increasingly innovative as they navigate to maximize their resources, including their employees. What’s more, companies are redefining what workplace well-being means in terms of meeting business goals. In addition to their salary, many employees rely on employers for help with finances, health care, and investing in retirement.

However, research indicates that employees are now using perks like stock compensation instead. Employees engage in inventory more often through mobile devices. The global trend of digitalization and adoption of technology has become significant during the pandemic. More employees have adapted their action plans with a view to equity compensation towards their long-term goals.

It also reflects that many employees have hope for the future of their business despite working remotely. When the CARES law was passed in March 2020, many companies considered workplace benefits, such as paying off student loans. Businesses see these types of benefits as leverage to maintain the long term success of the business.

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