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(WJW) – Scammers continue to do their best to rob people of their hard-earned money during the coronavirus era with a new scam involving student loan forgiveness, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​warns.

The scam, which has been reported nationwide, has reached Ohio, the BBB told FOX 8, with a recently reported case in Summit County. According to the BBB, a scammer will call a potential victim to tell them that they are eligible for a certain program.

If you receive a call about a student loan forgiveness, the BBB offers the following tips on how to proceed:

  • It’s time to breathe. If something is a “limited time offer,” it’s probably not real. In general, know that you should never have to act right away.
  • Does it sound too good to be true? Go ahead and be skeptical. Just because someone has information about your student loan doesn’t mean they got it legally.
  • Make sure the business is real. Do your own research.
  • Also look for the name of the program that is offered to you. Programs with names like “CARES Law Loan Discount” or “Biden’s Discount Program” are bogus, however true they may sound.
  • If you receive an email regarding a student loan waiver program, is the email a .gov?
  • Always proceed with caution if someone requests sensitive information over the phone. Don’t hesitate to always hang up if something seems suspicious.

But what if you’re afraid you’ve been scammed before? Here’s how the BBB recommends you do it:

  • Call your bank to stop the payment and close the account.
  • Call your student loan provider to alert them to the situation.
  • Constantly check your credit report for any suspicious activity. If necessary, you may need to freeze your credit.
  • Inform the authorities. Whether it’s the BBB, the Federal Trade Commission, or the Ohio Attorney General’s office.

Learn more about the official and legitimate ways to qualify for a student loan discount here.

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