KPDNHEP targets 15,000 small and micro traders to use e-wallet by end of 2022


KUALA BERANG: The Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) is targeting 15,200 micro and small traders nationwide to use the e-wallet method in their business transactions by the end of 2022.

His deputy minister, Datuk Rosol Wahid (pix) said the KPDNHEP, working with state governments and local authorities (PBTs), would ensure that 100 traders from each PBT participate in the Sector Digitization Initiative program. of retail sales (ReDI) in order to achieve the aspiration.

“The use of the e-wallet is no longer foreign to players in the retail sector such as supermarket networks, gas kiosks as well as the food and drink industries in large cities, but it is is not so widely used by micro and small traders and small and medium enterprises, especially in rural areas.

“The use of the electronic wallet not only brings significant added value to the expansion of businesses, but could also guarantee traders a more orderly and systematic management of financial records, as it is generated automatically,” he said. during the launch of the ReDI program in Kuala Lumpur. Berang market, here, today.

In addition, he said, traders, especially micro and small traders in restaurants, stalls and farmers’ markets, could also access the micro-loan offered by e-wallet service providers.

During the ceremony, Rosol said that Kuala Berang was the “first rural electronic wallet region in Malaysia”, which gave momentum to the national digitization program, especially in the retail sector in the areas. rural.

In order to support the implementation of the ReDI program, the ministry, through the Secretariat of the National Cost of Living Action Council, is implementing a pioneering cashless contribution program for consumers involving selected target groups at Hulu Terengganu from today, he said.

“The program will involve contributions to 200 heads of households with a financial injection of RM 50 for three months which can only be repaid using the e-wallet application,” he said.

Meanwhile, Rosol also announced that the KPDNHEP has appointed 731 retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers nationwide to stock food and essentials in anticipation of the northeast monsoon.

He said the total involved 428 retailers, 299 wholesalers and four manufacturers who would stock an additional 30% of their food supply and basic necessities quota.

“Of the total, 352 of the selected wholesalers and retailers are in Terengganu, Kelantan and Pahang, as the east coast states are typically the most affected by flooding,” he said. Bernama


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