Liberia: ANC stalwart Abraham Sesay receives huge support ahead of 2023 elections


Monrovia – Leaders and supporters of deposed Brewerville Mayor George Varney Curtis, who was defeated in the 2017 general and presidential elections, have endorsed the candidacy of leading Liberian humanitarian and businessman Abraham Carlison Sesay.

Former Mayor Curtis contested the 2017 election as a representative candidate in District No. 17, Montserrado County and came in third behind winner Hanson Kiazolu.

He died in the United States in May 2020 following a brief period of illness during the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

After his passing, his leaders and supporters under the “Team Curtis” banner kept his political dreams and aspirations alive by engaging in humanitarian and other initiatives in the district, through their acting political leader, Mr. George Norman.

They endorsed Mr. Sesay at the end of a two-day retreat held recently in Brewerville, outside Monrovia. Mr. Sesay is the owner of Virginia Communications Incorporated and a stalwart of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC).

Out of the total of more than 14 representative wannabes from Zone #17 invited to the retreat to outline their plans for the Zone and its people, only four people turned out, including Mr. Sesay.

In a transparent electoral process to culminate the May 7 retreat, leaders and members of “Team Curtis” went to the polls to endorse one of the aspirants in a bid to find new political leadership.

Mr. Sesay obtained 84 votes out of a total of 96 valid votes cast, during the process, while Sheikh Musa Nyei obtained five votes. Reverend Moses Wonta and D. Caesar Freeman accumulated one vote each.

In a communication dated May 10, 2022 and issued under the signature of Group General Secretary Carter Z. Dorbor, President Sumaila L. Massaley and Political Leader Norman, “Team Curtis” affirmed its support for Mr. Sesay on the basis results.

“Honourable Sesay, based on the results above, you have emerged as the delegates’ choice that Team Curtis should endorse and support in the ongoing 2023 Representative Election in District #17, Montserrado County With this in mind, we are writing to formally inform and announce to you that you are the chosen contender that Team Curtis will support in the 2023 pending representative election in District #17”.

The group is committed to cementing and lignifying the political marriage with Mr. Sesay by engaging in multiple activities in the district.

They pointed out that the retreat, which brought together delegates from the seven colonies in the district, was intended to “remember the activities of the Curtis team since the death of its political leader George Varney Curtis, and also to give representative aspirants the opportunity to speak with the delegates and present their manifestos and their legislative program”.

Speaking to delegates earlier, Mr Sesay described the deposed Mayor of Brewerville as a visionary who left indelible marks on the district due to his foresight.

He observed that as a newcomer to body politics in Liberia, he failed in 2017 due to the presence of Mayor Curtis and others who were entrenched in politics at the time.

He used the occasion to call on citizens to give up sitting still and learn job skills to become productive citizens in the future.

Mr. Sesay stressed that Liberians would not rely on others to provide them with basic necessities if they learned skills in masonry, tailoring, baking, hairdressing, interior decorating, baking, among others.

“You can stay home and have your own money and take care of your family. You don’t have to go around and beg people for money. And that’s what I did and what I intend to do for you”.

He added that young graduates from various high schools and universities should not continue to wait for jobs in the public sector, but should learn professional skills to ensure their well-being.

However, he congratulated the delegates for the high level of love, respect and unity they have shown since the death of their political leader.

“I want to thank you for conducting yourselves in a peaceful and orderly manner over the years. I am happy with the decision you have made to have some thought and to ensure that this neighborhood does not go wrong at the coming”.

Speaking further, Mr Sesay promised to lobby with others to ensure the construction of a modern hospital in the area once elected to the House of Representatives.

He added that as part of his immense contributions in promoting health care delivery in the district, he has brought in and supported American doctors to provide services to citizens suffering from various illnesses in the district.

Mr. Sesay pointed out that a team of professional doctors are also expected in the country from abroad to provide free medical services to citizens, especially residents of District #17 in 2023.

He said disadvantaged youths, who are normally referred to as ‘zogos’, will also be empowered with job skills and provided with starter kits and a financial package to discourage them from engaging in unhealthy practices.

He however used the occasion to call on Liberians to refrain from promoting segregation in society by stereotyping their parents from other tribes or religions.

“I don’t see people on the basis of their tribe. I see people on their qualities and productivity. Your faith is your personal salvation. Although we have different tribes and religions, one thing that is common to us is our country “.

Mr. Sesay maintained that peace and tranquility will continue to reign in the post-conflict nation if Liberians persist in showing love and living in harmony with one another.

He said District 17 remains the largest district in Montserrado that faces many challenges, but it can only be met if residents embrace and work collectively together, without bias, status, religion or tribe.

He added that as the electoral population continues to grow in the district, residents should avoid engaging in divisive politics to tear each other apart.

“I’ve had some of the fiercest criticism from the Curtis team in the past. But those days are over; it wasn’t my time but I believe 2023 is my time and that’s why I’m here.” .

For years now, Mr. Sesay has been making a significant contribution in the lives of the citizens of not only District 17, but also other areas of Montserrado and Liberia in general.

It has constructed bridges, market buildings, provided scholarships to vocational, elementary and tertiary level students, renovated and teaching materials to schools and students, empowered market women through micro-loans, employment, among others.

With the latest support from executives and members of “Team Curtis” and the decision by incumbent Representative Kiazolu not to run in the district, Mr. Sesay came fourth in the 2017 general and presidential elections in District #17 , appears to be the leading candidate among those vying for the seat.

Representative Kiazolu of the Unity Party is expected to run for the Grand Cape Mount County senatorial seat in 2023.


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