Myanmar Credit Bureau Limited: How it affects you


What is a credit bureau?

A credit bureau plays an important role in helping consumers and businesses obtain financing. It collects information from financial institutions about its borrowers. Using this information, the bureau produces credit reports to help lenders assess credit applications and make better loan decisions.

What is a credit report?

A credit report includes records of an individual’s or a company’s credit payment history. It is communicated under authorized conditions to members of the credit bureau when they ask questions about an individual or a business. A credit report includes information such as personal or company profile, credit history, and repayment records.

Who issues the credit report?

In Myanmar, the Myanmar Credit Bureau Limited (MMCB) issues credit reports to its members. The office operates under a license granted by the Central Bank of Myanmar.

Who provides the information to the credit bureau?

The information contained in the credit reports produced by the MMCB is provided by the members of the bureau, which include banks and financial institutions operating under the supervision of the Central Bank of Myanmar. Only information on credit facilities granted to an individual or business is listed in the credit report. Details about deposits or equity are not involved.

Who can see your credit information?

Only members of the credit bureau are authorized to access bureau information upon receipt of the credit application. But individuals and businesses can also request a copy of their credit reports from the MMCB office for their self-assessment and review.

How can you maintain a good credit history?

Maintaining a good credit history increases the chances of successful credit or loan applications in the future. Here are some ways to maintain a good credit history:

  • Track payments on your credit facilities and make payment on the due date.

  • Avoid accumulating multiple sources of credit.

  • Try to pay off your monthly outstanding credit in full. If this is not possible, consult your financial institution.

For more information on MMCB, visit Where To contact MMCB, please call +95 9 667 000 080 or send an email to: [email protected].


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