Proportunity announces new partnership with Knowledge Bank


Shared equity lending provider Proportunity has announced that it has partnered with Knowledge Bank, making its products available to brokers on the criteria search platform.

Vadim Toader, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Proportunity, said: “This exciting partnership will open our criteria to a wider market through the power of the Knowledge Bank platform.

“By making brokers aware of the solutions we can offer their clients and giving them the opportunity to compare our products, we will extend our reach to a much wider customer base.”

Equity loans provided by London-based Proportunity are for people with just a 5% down payment to buy a property and are available for up to £150,000 or up to 25% of the value of a property. property. They are available for first-time buyers, as well as existing owners who wish to move to a larger property but only have a small deposit.

Nicola Firth, Founder and CEO of Knowledge Bank, added: “The addition of Proportunity is the latest benefit for our brokers. We are constantly adding lenders and categories to our platform to ensure we remain the go-to research platform, and Proportunity offers a great new option for brokers working with first-timers. buyers.

“As property prices continue to soar, the deposits needed to purchase property continue to increase. Proportunity is giving first-time buyers another option through its innovative offering and should help many borrowers access housing scale.


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