PT TIMAH Tbk: Support the capital of micro, small and medium enterprises,


Supporting the capital of micro, small and medium enterprises, PT Timah distributes IDR 6.9 billion to 151 privileged partners

December 14, 2021

PANGKALPINANG – Stimulating the economy through business actors and increasing access to capital for micro, small and medium enterprises, PT Timah Tbk has again distributed the Quarter IV 2021 micro small enterprise finance program for 151 partners favored worth Rp. 6.984 billion, at Graha Timah Building, Tuesday (12/14/2021)

The Micro-Small Business Finance Program is distributed to micro, small and medium-sized business actors in the operational areas of the business in Bangka Belitung Islands Province, Riau Province and Riau Islands Province.

The distribution of Micro Small Business Funding funds was also monitored by PT Finance and Risk Management Director Timah Tbk, Wibisono, Secretary of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Bureau of Bangka Islands Province. Belitung, Yulius, Bank Representatives, Head of District / City Cooperatives Department and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and Partners Encouraged.

PT Timah Tbk Director of Finance and Risk Management Wibisono said the distribution of the micro-small business finance program was PT Timah Tbk’s commitment to fostering community economy through actors from micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

He said that throughout 2021, PT Timah Tbk disbursed 22.5 billion rupees for the micro-small business finance program. This working capital should be able to become independent and develop the activities of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises players.

“During the Covid-19 pandemic like this, micro, small and medium-sized business actors are one of the pillars of society’s economy. I hope society can take advantage of the program to maintain and develop businesses during this pandemic, ”he said. noted.

He also reminded the actors of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises to assume the responsibility of restoring this revolving fund, so that this program can continue to other actors of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

“You have no intention of not fulfilling your obligations, these funds keep rolling if they are not paid later, they cannot roll. We hope that this program will continue and have an impact on the community, ”he said.

Meanwhile, Bangka Belitung Energy and Mineral Resources Bureau Secretary Yulius praised PT Timah Tbk for consistently distributing his corporate social responsibility through various programs such as micro-small business finance. .

“We are very proud that PT Timah has returned to funneling funds for micro, small and medium business players, the funneled funds are very helpful. Our only message is that what was helped can be helpful, if you get a 20 million loan for a company, don’t buy a motorcycle, ”he said.

According to him, this program offers several amenities for commercial players, lack of administrative and other services. For this reason, he hopes that the partners he welcomes can get the most out of this program.

One of the host partners, Nurhayati, a resident of the city of Pangkalpinang who carries out an LPG gas distribution activity, by becoming a host partner of PT Timah Tbk, she wishes to be able to develop her business, so that the community surrounding find it easier to get LPG gas.

“I see that there are no LPG distribution points near this accommodation, where the people there are also disadvantaged people, so I thought about starting this business to enable them to obtain more easily from LPG, ”he said.

He admitted that PT Timah Tbk’s partnership program was very beneficial for the smooth running of his business, especially in terms of helping people in need.

“We are very grateful because we have benefited greatly from this program, which means PT Timah Tbk cares about society. Because the business that is done is also for society, especially for those who need it.” , did he declare.

Likewise, Rosnani (43), a resident of Bangka Regency, said he obtained a capital loan from PT Timah Tbk to develop a toy sales and photo printing business in downtown Sungailiat.

“I have a photo printing business and a toy store, thank goodness even though during the pandemic this business didn’t have much impact. That’s why I want to develop this business to increase capital. which I borrowed from PT Timah Tbk, “he said. noted.

He is grateful that the capital request to PT Timah Tbk can be approved so that he is no longer confused about adding capital.

“Alhamdulillah, it helped me, because I wanted to develop my photo printing business and my toy store. I hope my business can grow even more,” he concluded. (**)


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