QC Ally Hires Kristin Broadley as Chief Innovation Officer


Loan Quality and Audit Services Company CQ Ally announced Tuesday that Kristin Broadley has joined the company as its new chief innovation officer.

In this role, Broadley will help expand QC Ally’s loan quality initiatives and auditing services.

Broadley’s professional career spans over two decades. Her most recent role was as Vice President of Enterprise Risk at Central rocket.

Prior to joining QC Ally, Broadley worked in the wholesale market, originating and processing loans before moving to Quicken Loans (which changed its name to Rocket Mortgage in 2021) in 2002. In his role at Quicken Loans, Broadley has worked through the different stages of origination, from subscription to closing.

In 2008, Broadley moved into risk, leading QC and fraud teams.

In a statement, Broadley said it learned of the impact and security provided by a risk program.

“After speaking to the leadership team and understanding their vision for improving loan quality and fraud detection in the mortgage industry, I was thrilled to join the QC Ally family,” she said.

QC Ally recently spoke about maintaining the quality of loans on HousingWire, noting that the organization is watching for a reduction in the number of potential borrowers and mortgage products as well as an increase in variable rate mortgages.

The company believes that there is an element of risk in these processes and, in turn, requires careful consideration.

Julie Booth, chief financial officer and treasurer of Rocket Mortgage Companies, said in a statement that Broadley’s risk management strategies within the company have contributed to the evolution of the strategy.

“I have known Kristin for more than a decade since I led Fannie Mae’s credit risk team, and QC Ally is fortunate to have Kristin join their leadership team,” said Jenney Shen, Head of Credit Risk. customer experience at Freedom Mortgage.

The company was recently renamed QC Ally from Inco-Check. Founded in 2000, supplier QC was acquired in March by Narrow Gauge Capital.

“I am beyond thrilled to have Kristin join our growing team of industry pioneers to help us continue to deliver on our vision of achieving true enterprise quality throughout the loan lifecycle, together with our client partners.” said Donna Gibson, president and chief operating officer of QC Ally.

Gibson was the winner of the HousingWire 2022 Vanguard Awards.


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