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UPDATE : Feirão Limpa Name: Serasa started at the beginning of this month another Renegotiation Fair for consumers who are denied and indebted citizens. The event promises to offer discounts and exclusive conditions for payment of debts with more than 1,000 registered companies, among them banks , financiers , credit card issuers and companies, telephone companies, and so on. Those who wish to participate and renegotiate, access is made online at the Feirao Limpa Nome website that must be active until November 30. “

Serasa for the second time this year is holding the ” Clean Name Fair ” to renegotiate debts, an incentive for people who have some financial backing with trade institutions or stores and want to get out of default by paying their debts. “The marathon promoted by Serasa will assist indebted individuals withdraw the CPF from the list of debtors.”

The action is known with ” Feirão Limpa Nome ” with a deadline to start and finish, whoever wants can take advantage of the opportunity to regularize the situation, the location where the event is happening is at the Expo Center Norte, in the city of São Paulo, the campaign lasts until Saturday, the 20th. The first edition of ” Feirao Limpa Nome ” in July this year (2012), had the participation of 40 thousand customers, in the event about 30% of the debts were renegotiated. The ” Feirao Limpa Nome ” website informs that 8 thousand negotiations have already been carried out.

Debt Cleaner Name for Debtors


Debt Cleaner Name for Debtors


The marathon for indebtedness renegotiates debt at Serasa has the participation of some companies and financial institutions that will provide facilitated conditions for its debtors, among them Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF), PanAmericano, HSBC Losango, Banco Santander and the Supply Company of Electricity Eletro Paulo.

It is worth noting that not only credit card bills, store credits, loans and defaults will be negotiated, the consumer often fails to pay their consumer bills for lack of control in their finances.

Serasa Experian expects that the volume of debt renegotiation in this second fair will be higher than in the first “Fair Name Fair”, mainly because we are approaching the end of the year and many will already receive the 13th salary.

Caixa Econômica Federal plans to renegotiate commercial portfolio contracts in general, such as payroll loans, personal loans, overdrafts and working capital. Construcard debtors will also be able to negotiate their debts on the card, “Construcard is used to buy construction material,” Caixa will also renegotiate debts with real estate credit debts.

Credit card invoices will only be renegotiated in cases where the delay is greater than 60 days and debts greater than R $ 10 thousand. Caixa’s student funding will not be renegotiated at this ” Clean Name Fair “.

How to register in the Feirão Limpa Nome?



How to register in the Feirão Limpa Nome?


When registering on the site of the fair, the consumer will be directed to a page in which will be listed the debts that are in the database of Serasa and that can be negotiated with the participating companies. The service channels provided by each creditor will also be presented. Unlike the last edition, there will be no physical locations for renegotiating debts. At the last such event, in November 2016, about 320,000 consumers were able to clear the name, according to Serasa.

The number of debtors rose 1.5% in September compared to the same month last year, reaching 60.5 million people, according to the company’s survey. The average is four debts per person, with a total value of 4,422 reais. The main type of debt is with the credit card bill

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