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14 Aug The history of your business is in the Credit Bureau


 14 Aug  The history of your business is in the Credit Bureau


Surely you are in the Credit Bureau if you have an SME and have previously applied for loans to use in your business. And over the years you have generated a credit history.

The credit history of your business is crucial to obtain a credit in the future. It is important for your business, since it serves as a reference to know how is your behavior in front of the credit bureau.

It is good to have this healthy credit history in your business. When a company has not yet applied for a loan there is no history of an idea of ​​their payment behavior.

The data that appear in the special credit report and determine the history of your company are:

General data:

General data:

It is your general information such as your name, RFC and address. These data are reviewed by the grantors when obtaining your credit bureau. This corroborates that the person who requests a loan for your company exists and has registered your data correctly.

Credits summary

Credits summary

In this section of the report are reflected the credits you have requested and the status of each of them. Your behavior appears before the different credits that have been granted to you. With this information the institutions can know if you have paid on time or if you have delayed some payments. Remember that the credit bureau shows your behavior of all the credits you have requested.

Query details

Query details

In this part you can find out which financial institutions have reviewed your history. Credit grantors always check your credit bureau before deciding to lend you money.

To obtain a credit for your business you will need to have a history, there is nothing wrong with the financial institutions that want to review it before giving you one.

Asking a loan for your business is good and benefits your business. Take all the above into account. Check the different options you have for your business. Remember that the best thing of all is that there are now online loans for small businesses. They can bring you better benefits than traditional banking. <


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