Save Money and Time by Investing in Your Wardrobe Basics

Invest In Wardrobe Basics

I talk about the importance of wardrobe basics in almost every single blog post. They’re so important I even created an entire course called Style Made Simple where I break down the only wardrobe basics you actually need in your closet. Whether you’re just getting started in your wardrobe basics buying journey or you still don’t see the benefit of them, this post is for you! I’m breaking down WHY it’s important to invest in your basics and how it can actually save you time and money in the future…

Invest In Wardrobe Basics


Why Invest in Basics?


There are two main reasons why I prefer to invest in my wardrobe basics.
The first is because of sustainability. In 2020, Team Busbee collectively decided to make a conscious shift toward wearing and recommending brands that are not “fast fashion”…meaning they don’t fall apart after a few washes and are made of high-quality, non-toxic fabrics. While it’s sometimes tempting to promote the latest social media ‘must-have’… it simply doesn’t align with our values anymore.

Of course, we do share our For Less Friday series every week with lower-priced items, but we always recommend brands we’re familiar with from retailers we frequently shop, and that have great shipping and return policies. When it comes down to it, we don’t want to recommend something that will fall apart in the wash, only last for a few wears, or that has a distinct chemical smell (no thanks!).

But with sustainable brands comes a higher price tag, which we know can be overwhelming. Just remember that if you’re starting this journey, it doesn’t all have to happen at once. You can start small and work your way through your closet to build a sustainable, high-quality collection of beautiful, stylish clothing.

If you’re interested in learning more about sustainable fashion, make sure you check out this post next.


Invest In Wardrobe Basics


Saving Time & Money

The second reason I recommend investing in your wardrobe basics is because, in the long run, it will save you time and money!

Let’s talk about the money piece first…Yes, higher-quality brands and designers are more expensive. But think about this… If you purchase a $90 white tee that’s made with super high-quality fabric, you’re going to wear that for 5 years because it will wash and wear well and will last longer. If you purchase a $20 white tee that will only last you one summer and you have to buy a new one every year for 5 years, you’re actually spending more in the long run.  Investing more in your wardrobe basics will 1) be more affordable and 2) create a lot less waste.

Now, for the time-saving piece…there are two main ways investing in your wardrobe basics will save you time! First, if you don’t have to shop for that new white tee every summer, you’re clearly saving time. Second, if you have the high-quality basics that you absolutely love in your closet, it makes getting dressed every day SO much easier. You don’t have to worry about what top to pair with what jeans. You already have the high-quality pieces that seamlessly work together to create effortless outfits! Having those basics you love makes it faster and easier to get dressed every day.

If you’re just getting started on your high-quality wardrobe basics journey, keep scrolling for the first 3 basics that are a great place to start…and my favorites!


high-quality wardrobe basics

cork everyday denim jeans white button down shirt | Invest In Wardrobe Basics

1) White Button Down

If you already have these basics covered, great! If you don’t or you just want to upgrade to something that will last for years now that you’re ready to stop wasting your time and money on low-quality basics, these are great options! The first thing you should invest in is a basic white button-down shirt. This shirt by Frank & Eileen is such a good, classic piece to have in your closet. It’s 100% cotton, super lightweight and breathable, and you can just tell it’s high-quality and will last for years. Frank & Eileen is a very reputable, woman-owned, woman-led brand that’s been intentionally making beautiful pieces since 2009 and works with ethical, sustainable manufacturers.

Another great button-down option that’s a little more affordable is the Rails cotton button-down shirt I wear and talk about all the time. It’s also 100% cotton, breathable, and lightweight. It’s more of a gauzy cotton, which gives it that more casual look. I wear a size small when I want a traditional fit and a medium for a billowy, oversized look or as a coverup. This Rails shirt and the Frank & Eileen shirt both run true to size.

white featherweight eileen button down shirt

cork everyday  jeans | Invest In Wardrobe Basics

2) Classic Jeans

The next basic you should invest in is a classic pair of jeans. With all of the denim trends out there, it can be confusing and hard to know exactly what kind of jeans you really need. But I recommend getting a pair of medium to dark wash, straight leg, minimally distressed jeans. They will be the most versatile for different occasions and easy to style with all of the other pieces in your closet.

This pair of jeans is literally called “Everyday Denim” so you know it’s a great wash, the straight-leg silhouette is perfect, and there’s not too much whiskering or distressing. The only small distressing is on the raw hem, which actually makes these a little extra special. They run true to size.

frank & eileen white rory dress

white shirt dress | Invest In Wardrobe Basics

Versatile Dress

3) Versatile Dress

Next, every woman needs a versatile dress she can wear for multiple occasions. This little white dress is the perfect mix of comfortable, cool, casual, and chic. You can style it with wedges like I did for lunch or dinner. Throw on some sneakers to wear it running errands. Or dress it up even more for a nicer dinner with some strappy heels, a fabulous bag, and some impactful jewelry. This dress comes in a few fabric and color options but I’m wearing the “Famous Denim” fabric that’s 100% Italian cotton in white. It’s super soft, lightweight, and SO comfy!

So, what do you think about investing in your wardrobe basics? If you’re on board, which basics are you going to start with? Let us know in the comments below! And don’t forget that you can get FREE wardrobe basics checklist when you sign up for the newsletter.

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4 thoughts on “Save Money and Time by Investing in Your Wardrobe Basics

  1. Thia ia a GREAT post–simple, to-the-point information. I’m just home from shopping for and bagging ONE terrific pink teeshirt which I intend to wear until it falls off my body.–Anne

    1. Love to hear that this was helpful for you, Anne!! Thanks so much for your sweet comment. Quality over quantity is such an important way to shop. ~Erin xo

    1. Hi Jill! We all have our own unique budget, and it’s important to shop for the highest quality item within the budget we have set. It’s oftentimes tough to look at a higher-priced item and consider it if we never have before…However, saving up and purchasing 1 item that we love and will last so many years is worth it over buying, wearing out, and discarding many of the same type of item in that same timeframe. You shouldn’t ever feel pressured to purchase anything outside of your own budget, but I do hope you can think about quality over quantity of what you purchase. This might mean finding amazing, high quality items at a second-hand/consignment shop! It doesn’t have to be the exact item we feature. ~Erin xo

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