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Style Made Simple Course

If you’re an email subscriber, you’re probably already aware of this very exciting news. But for those of you who are new here…I’ve launched my first course called Style Made Simple! The step-by-step style guide will help you reset and get everything in order on the foundational level of your wardrobe, which will make it easier for you to get dressed every. single. day.

If you’re interested in purchasing the course, you can find more information here including answers to frequently asked questions, a course overview, and more.


Erin Busbee Style Made Simple Course

Is This Course For You?

If you feel like you’re all set in the style department and you don’t need that fine-tuning, this course probably isn’t for you. BUT, if you answer “YES” to any of the questions below…this course is for you!

  • Do you stare into your closet and feel like you have nothing to wear?
  • Are you busy juggling so many things that you feel like you’ve lost your sense of style?
  • Are you in a style rut and have no clue how to get yourself out?
  • Do you want style to be simple and effortless instead of feeling heavy and depressing?
  • Do you prioritize everyone else before prioritizing you?
  • Is your body changing as you get older, and you’re not sure how to dress your new body?
  • Are you wasting time and money on clothes that simply hang in your closet?
  • Are you tired of looking blah and want to feel excited about style again?
  • Do you pour into everyone around you, and forget to give love and attention to the most important person in your life…YOU?

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What It Includes

In this course, I’ll be taking you through uncovering the WHY behind your style challenges, developing a strategy for your wardrobe, guiding you through what you actually NEED in your closet, and sharing how to shop for pieces you will LOVE.

-2 hours of exclusive, concise style videos
-Essential wardrobe basics checklists
-Easy-to-follow style worksheets
-Must-have closet cleanout exercise
-Brand suggestions for tall, petite, and curvy women
-Curated list of our all-time favorite, high-quality brands
-A breakdown of exactly what you need in your closet
-Important style details you should know BEFORE you shop
-SO much more!!!

Mini Course!

If you are interested in Style Made Simple, but not sure you’re ready for the full course, I have something for you too. If you want to dip your toe into the water, we have a cliff notes version for you…a mini version of the full course that just tackles how to find the right shoes and accessories. And, it’s only $37! You can learn more about the course and sign up here. If you’ve already taken (or plan to take) the full Style Made Simple course, this mini-course is NOT for you because this mini-course is an excerpt from the full course. If you take the mini course and then decide to purchase the FULL course, you’ll get $37 off the full course pricing. Here’s what the mini course includes:

 -Exclusive style videos breaking down exactly which shoes & accessories you need
-Game-changing wardrobe basics checklists
-Carefully curated list of our favorite, high-quality brands
-Jewelry do’s and don’ts, a necklace guide, and jewelry by neckline breakdown
-Helpful shoe basics graphics

Are you ready??? Click here to purchase the course and start your style journey!

Thank you to each of you sweet ladies for all of your continued support and encouragement! This course is not only FOR you, but possible because of YOU.
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